What is wrong with me
Nadya is a young and attractive girl, living with her boyfriend. He tries to take care of her, to support his girl, but the discord in their relationship is obvious. Nadya gets a job as 1st AD and becomes a close friend of a director. Meanwhile, her relationship with boyfriend gets worse. Once her boyfriend goes on a trip with their friends, while Nadya stays home, busy with shooting.
Anastasiia Sanzharovska
Comedy web-series. 14 episodes × 1 minute. Short stories about love, family and desires.
Anna Rozengurt
Hope - this project was a great experience for me. The script grew out of a school assignment, but it became very special for me at that time. Because the idea I put there seemed very important to me, I wanted to convey it to people through this film. There were a lot of problems with casting, the actors of which I initially thought to invite to the project, were either ill or took off for some other reason. But it all turned out for the best, because in the end the film got the best actors I could find for this job. They agreed to shoot literally "for food", simply because they liked the script. I am still infinitely grateful to them, and to the whole team who believed in this film and decided to spend their resources on its creation! Despite the lack of funds and time, we still took it off!
Bujanov Roman
An infantile web designer surrounded by modern gadgets finds himself locked in an apartment without electricity. Finding a way to survive the blackout, he recalls a forgotten childhood dream. But will he stay true to himself when the electricity returns?
Ilya Miikhaylus
Around Michelle
The eccentric, noisy, choleric journalist Khrystyna is used to relying on herself and realizing her spiritual needs in her pet Michelle. Therefore, when her father comes to visit her indefinitely to treat her leg, it becomes for the girl a real challenge. The editor of the news release gives Christina the task for the evening issue to collect a story about the weather. Girl is doing it at home, but it seems that her father is doing everything to thwart her plans to write a story in time. The girl from the heart runs away from home to the nearest cafe to write a story there. And in the evening she is walking around the city for a long time because she doesn't want to return home. After all, when she comes to the apartment, there are two surprises for her, which change this evening and the relationship between Khrystyna and her father.
Liudmyla Gorpynych
In the zone of combat operations, a group of military men falls under bombardment, in which several soldiers are killed, including the school friend of the protagonist. Experiencing the loss and stress of the main character shows cowardice and wants to escape from the battlefield, leaving his colleagues without support. At the moment of escape, the hero is killed by a sniper. The hero finds himself in a metaphysical space, a mystical carriage that transports the dead to the land of the dead. Realizing his mistake, the hero wants to return to the real world to prevent the death of his team, but he is blocked by the path of the conductor Charon. The hero is ready to sacrifice everything that he has to go back and warn his team about the danger. But Charon does not let go of the hero. Only an irresistible desire of the hero to stop the death of people in an unnecessary war, convinces Charon to let the hero for one minute to correct the situation. The hero awakens in the real world, warns of danger, prevents the death of his friends, and dies now forever.
Мах Pshenichniy
Ty, mia
Nina has been dancing ballet since her childhood. The merciless drill of her mother, who is her ballet teacher, taught Nina always to keep a stiff upper lip. She can only imagine the whirl of emotions in her head. Nina can't show compassion to herself or her mother and little ballet student. Does self-pity lie beyond the pale, and how to learn it?
Nadiia Khatymlianska
Man's Story
Oleg has to decide if he can get his little son to live with him permanently because the kid suffers from domestic violence while living with his mother and her new boyfriend.
Kyrylo Kurinnyi
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Dopamine addicts
A young programmer gets a chance to finance his own startup, but the habit of getting regular portions of instant gratification gets on his way.
Mykola Volochai
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A young provincial propagandist (of Belarus) learns that his girlfriend has been detained at an anti-war picket. He tries to free her thanks to his authority and connections. But people who were victims of propaganda began to get in his way.
Maryia Bulavinskaya
Сашка - нова перспективна зірка школи з баскетболу вирішує потрапити у професійну збірну, але під час матчу хлопець зникає і потрапляє у підвал, де зустрічає її – Катю.
Nataliia Dzhura
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Flying Turtle
Pavlo suffers from burnout on his job and once again he was sent on a work trip against his will. Nevertheless, he feels safe in this way of things. On a road, he meets mischievous explorer Alise on her travel around a country. This is where the clash of two different worlds happened. Will Pavlo brake his shell and find freedom or just run away?
Daniel Golovnia
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