Ukrainian Film School

The leading Ukrainian Film School that educates a new generation of Ukrainian filmmakers.

Ukrainian Film School

The leading Ukrainian Film School that educates a new generation of Ukrainian filmmakers.

Ukrainian Film School

The leading Ukrainian Film School that educates a new generation of Ukrainian filmmakers.

  • 2640

    graduated students

  • 809

    short films

  • 1083

    written scripts

  • 600

    acting shows


We are raising a new generation of workers in the Ukrainian film industry. Our students receive a decent film education, learn how to make a film in practice, and have the opportunity to gain knowledge from the best professionals in the industry. And there is no better place to do it than the largest film studio in Ukraine – FILM.UA.

It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience in filmmaking or you are a beginner. Everyone will be able to find in the film school exactly what they are looking for – from the inspiration to create personal projects to the necessary skills needed to work in cinema the day after graduation.

Why choose us?

  • We are the first and most powerful film school in Ukraine.

  • Students have access to all resources of the film studio FILM.UA.

  • Teachers of the school – practices whose experience is impressive.

  • Students find like-minded people and build reliable business relationships with them.

  • Location

    The training takes place on the territory of the modern full-scale closed-loop film studio FILM.UA, which has released more than 6,000 hours of commercial content.

  • Who teaches?

    Professionals of modern cinema work with students. Meetings and workshops with world-renowned representatives of the film and television industry will give you answers to important questions and motivation to move forward.

  • What do students have access to?

    The film school has state-of-the-art lighting, sound and video equipment. We have our own shooting pavilions, production platforms Postproduction HUB and Dolby Premier Studio, our own cinema, as well as warehouses of props and costumes.

  • What are the prospects?

    The door to the filming locations and castings of the studio’s film and TV projects will open for you, both during training and after graduation from UFS.

Study programs at Ukrainian Film School

    • Curator: Maksym Mykhaylichenko


      Open call for the 2025 school year

    • Curator: Taras Tkachenko


      Open call for the 2025 school year

    • Curator: Serhii Krutko


      Open call for the 2025 school year

    • Curator: Kyrylo Horobets


      Open call for the 2025 school year

    • Curator: Yaroslav Voytseshek


      Open call for the 2025 school year

    • Acting for kids 6-11 years

      Teachers: Iryna Voloshyna, Artur Artimenyev, Natalia Jura
      Open call for the 2025 school year

    • Filmmaking

      Students get acquainted with process of film production. Students will learn the main stages of pre-production, production and post-production.
      Open call for the 2025 school year

    • Film actor’s profession

      A course for teenagers for first meeting with the profession of actor in cinema. Preparing for roles, working in the frame, filming, learning about yourself and abilities.
      Open call for the 2024 school year

    • Film Camp

      Project camp for children from 8 to 14 years where they make their own movie.
      Open call for summer 2024

    • Film Workshops

      Intensive immersion in the world of cinema. 4 blocks of 3 days will teach you everything you need to know about cinema.
      Open call for summer 2024

    • Acting Intensive

      This is a practical intensive course for those who want to become a film actor.

    • The game. Intensive with Art Coach

      Get rid of stoppers that prevent you from developing and improving your standard of living at this stage.

    • Dramaturgy of Editing

      A practical course that combines screenwriting, directing and directing editing in a simple schematic presentation.

    • Scriptwriting Workshop

      Get the opportunity to learn more about the profession of screenwriter, get acquainted with special software, try yourself in writing a synopsis and get honest feedback from professionals


Several factors became the decisive argument in favor of choosing the UFS film school: the specialty “film directing”, the period of study, teachers and communication with the film studio. Studying at school marked the beginning of the idea of the profession, gave the necessary knowledge and skills to start working as a director and second director: only during her studies she made three short films as a director and worked as a second director in the series.

You have learned to be bold and determined, and a new round in life and career has emerged thanks to the experience gained at school. UFS is an opportunity to “take the elevator” to the top of film production, while others “go up the stairs.”

Julia Deglina


While studying, you understand that cinema is not a place for unreasonable self-admiration, and studying at school is not an entertaining walk, although it is full of fun and bright moments. School teachers can give you what you want, but remember that UFS is a contrast shower for those who don’t know what they want.

Sergey Arnautov


UFS is a film school where you can discover talent and get started for a successful career: I, for example, found an agent after training and began to actively act in films. Then I realized that I wanted to move on and went to study at the New York Film Academy in the United States. At school, I learned to be sensitive and collected, emotional and disciplined, better understand myself and easier to interact with other people. Fears disappeared, I had a “second family” and I learned to work in a team. And I fell in love with the profession even more, and the best memory and the first such experience in my life is preparation for a play and acting on stage.

This is an unforgettable experience and I want to repeat it again under the guidance of the curator of the acting course Maxim Mykhailychenko. We had a great group, talented teachers at school, and all the acquaintances were useful for both professional and personal development.

Marina Borodina


The choice of the UFS film school was influenced by the image of the FILM.UA film studio, where I previously shot my TV project, and the acquaintance with a professional, founder and head of the school Alona, with whose team we still collaborate on many projects. Thanks to school, I expanded my range of crafts and realized that I like to combine work in the frame and behind the scenes at the same time. As an actor, I have acted in many domestic and international film projects and commercials.

UFS is the best base for training media professionals and the best place I’ve ever studied. Here was the most unexpected acquaintance – another acquaintance with myself, that is, another dude who lives in me.

Alexey Komarovskiy


UFS is the first step to understanding the profession, the training base of “astronauts”. Before joining, I taught physical education, and thanks to the film school I became a professional actor. I enjoy my profession, I am invited to work in television projects and movies. Thanks to school, I got into the circle of interesting and creative people, where everyone deserves respect.

Eugene Rachok


The school attracted me with the opportunity to work in a film studio after graduation. And so it turned out: I was a graduate of the first year, and now – the curator of the course filmmaking. 🙂 Thanks to UFS, I met new people, worked on various projects and gained practical knowledge of directing. He learned to make quick decisions, navigate the market, be a director.

UFS is the fastest way to the set and the only place where you can quickly find a new profession, make new friends and start working in film production right away.

Pavlo Tsibenko


Thank you to the school for your knowledge, openness and ability to take my dog Richard to class. Education will last a lifetime, and school is now a family for me.

Olena Likarchuk


I chose film school because of the many good recommendations I heard from friends of the producers. And I did not regret it: I gained a huge amount of knowledge in the profession and became a producer.

Yurii Lanovlyuk


The choice was obvious – it is the only film school in Ukraine. This year of study taught me to think in the right direction and became the start of work in cinema.

Andriy Antonenko


The school taught me that it is good to make mistakes, it gave me the opportunity to understand where to go next. Here I met people who support and believe in you, even when you do not believe in yourself. Ukrainian Film School is a chance.

Dmitry Arkhipov


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